Wsizer's History

What's New: (v1.2.0.3)

  • add copy right claim on dialog box.
  • fix displaying taskbar menu when clicking on notification icon.
  • support multiple monitors/screens:
    • support to drag a maximized window to another screen.
    • support to move window to another screen by hotkeys (default, win+alt+up, win+alt+down, win+alt+left, win+alt+right).

What's New: (v1.1.0.65)

  • apply round corner for the sizer window.
  • adjust the background and text color for the sizer window.
  • fix maximized windows will not be restored to maximize again after 'minimized to systray'.
  • fix the size window would block the click to the target window issue if user clicked on it.
  • fix the position of sizer window will not adjust when some target windows are sizing or moving.
  • rewrite the algorithm for 'enlarge/shrink windows by hotkey'.
  • add 'maximize/restore window' by hotkey (default hotkey: win+=).
  • fix retrieved wrong size information of non-sizable window in vista if Aero has been enabled.
  • add 'adjust_step' option in settings.ini file, for extending/reducing widnows size more exactly (default is 10 pixels).